Ontological and Philosophical Perspectives on IS

Track Chair/s

Tom Butler University College Cork Ireland
Ron Weber Monash University Australia

Track Description

Ontological and philosophical perspectives influence how information systems researchers interpret and come to understand IS phenomena. Such influences are taken-for-granted, generally unacknowledged, and not seen as being problematic in either theory development or the formulation and application of research methods. The Ontology and Philosophy track provides a forum for debating these influences. Papers are invited from positivists, post-positivists (e.g. critical realists), and interpretivists of all persuasions.

Ontological and philosophical perspectives also underpin much current research in the field of conceptual modeling. For instance, a particular focus has been the extent to which conceptual modeling methods or grammars are capable of generating models or scripts that provide faithful representations of stakeholders' perceived semantics of a domain. Theories of ontology have been used to evaluate the expressiveness of the method or grammar. The Ontology and Philosophy track provides a forum for presenting research that examines specific information systems practices, such as conceptual modeling, from the perspective of ontological and philosophical theories.

Questions that arise include, but are not limited to:

Klein, H.K. (2004), "Seeking the new and the critical in critical realism: déjá vu?" Information and Organization, Vol. 14 No. 2, pp. 123-44.

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