Knowledge Management and IS

Track Chair/s

Frada Burstein Monash University Australia
Helen Hasan University of Wollongong Australia
Hans Müller Stellenbosch University South Africa

Track Description

In a modern world where electronic communication takes place more often than face to face, the need for techniques and technologies for acquiring, capturing, storing and sharing useful knowledge created from business, government and community communication becoming an essential focus for modern information systems professionals. The field of Knowledge Management (KM) has expanded into government and community organisations so that these are also areas that should concern information systems researchers and practitioners. Moreover, any organisations, large or small, require effective management of knowledge in an environment, because "same time-same place-9 till 5-7 days a week" business operation is considered an old style exception, rather than a norm. Instead, "any time-any place" enterprise is very much dependent on accessing the right knowledge in the right time. In this sense, a core role of knowledge management and underlying information systems is in supporting effective and efficient information flaws with the aim of assisting people in their knowledge work.

The focus of this track is on exploring the role of information systems in achieving the aims of knowledge management in supporting ubiquitous enterprise. We welcome papers presenting original research on the management of knowledge in organisations and the enabling role of IS in these processes.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

This track will identify and reward the Best KM paper, which will be fast tracked for publication in Emerald Journal of Information and Knowledge Management (VINE). The award is sponsored by Emerald Publishers, and constitutes a certificate and $400 cheque.

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