Information Security and Privacy

Track Chair/s

Atif Ahmad University of Melbourne Australia
Martin Olivier University of Pretoria South Africa
Matthew Warren Deakin University Australia

Track Description

The information age presents new security and privacy challenges for modern organisations. Among these is the need to improve information-security management to address an escalating number of new and evolving security threats. The Information Security track focuses on a wide range of topics that relate to organisational security practices. Among these are risk, governance, and policy, but also included is a host of other related topics such as culture and awareness training. Following the location-based theme of this conference, the track invites papers on the influence of location on organizational aspects of information security (e.g., impact on organizations due to mobile technologies and cloud computing). Although the track will accept technically oriented papers, the primary contribution and impact of these papers must be on organisational matters.

Accordingly, topics include (but are not limited to):

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