Green IS and Sustainability

Track Chair/s

Steve Elliot University of Sydney Australia
Craig Parker Deakin University Australia

Track Description

This track focuses on current and potential contributions by IS to resolve societal, environmental and economic challenges related to meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. Authoritative sources acknowledge that achieving environmental sustainability will rely on critical contributions by business in transforming their current unsustainable practices and on enabling applications of existing and emerging technology. In the context of the conference theme on location, IS therefore has a role in ensuring the sustainability of our physical environment.

Realisation of sustainability's broader aims, including social responsibility, will require transformation of prevailing practices by government, not-for-profit organisations and society generally that also may be facilitated by applications of technology. Consequently, the IS community has the potential to make significant contributions to addressing a broad range of sustainability challenges. The IS community should realise this potential because, in its various forms, sustainability is a high visibility, high impact global issue located at the core of the IS community's focus: addressing problems and enabling opportunities through innovative applications of technology.

This track seeks to advance knowledge of IS theory and practice related to Green IS and Sustainability. Submissions of high quality, innovative papers on a range of relevant issues are encouraged.

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