Enterprise Systems, Enterprise Content and the Extended Enterprise

Track Chair/s

Tero Päivärinta Luleå University of Technology Sweden
Shams Rahman RMIT University Australia
Stephen Smith Monash University Australia

Track Description

Enterprise Systems, the large integrated sets of programs that support day-to-day business operations, decision-making and information management, are challenging to implement and manage. This challenge is even greater for extended ESs, which support reporting and management of upstream, and downstream activities in the value chain beyond a single enterprise. Many aspects of the process of selecting and implementing these systems are now well understood. However, some long-standing research topics, such as the extent to which regional and cultural factors affect customisation and ongoing success, have received very little attention. Newer research topics involving cloud-based computing and information management services and infrastructure, in which the physical location of each system component is potentially unknown, are similarly in need of more work. In particular, how are organisations addressing the challenge of managing these complex systems in situations where the physical location of key resources is not able to be controlled, and may even be unknown?

Submissions on any aspect of ES implementation, management, or use are welcome, but we particularly invite submissions that investigate the following topics:

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