Conference Program and Proceedings

ACIS 2012 is emphasising electronic distribution of material - the Proceedings are solely online, and the program is designed to be downloaded and used during the conference. Each session entry on the program has a link to the whole paper in the Proceedings. Make your life easy with a copy of the program on your portable device.

Internet access is available to all delegates from organisations which are members of Eduroam by connection to the Eduroam zone at Deakin. Temporary arrangements will be made for delegates from organisations which are not members of Eduroam.

The ACIS 2012 Proceedings are available now from Deakin Research Online, (DRO), which is a secure open access institutional repository that stores, manages, indexes, preserves and showcases research outputs making them discoverable throughout the world.

The URLs allocated to the individual papers in DRO are stable and permanent, and are already showing downloads! Feel free to link to these and to share them. The papers will also be uploaded to the Association for Information Systems Electronic Library, along with previous ACIS papers, making them available in two locations.

The ACIS 2012 program, updated with Session Chairs and other amendments, is available here. Please check back for updates, but it should be pretty stable by now ...

If you have any questions, please contact the conference organisers.